Wide Horizon is first and foremost about Christian Science nursing and its support to those seeking scientific spiritual healing.  We strive to maintain an atmosphere conducive to healing as the result of complete reliance upon Christian Science as expounded in Mary Baker Eddy’s signature work, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Those of us who work at Wide Horizon are blessed because we get to see this wonderful Divine Science at work firsthand, and see its demonstration through various healings.

Here are a few brief testimonies of gratitude from current and past residents of Wide Horizon:

“My stay was one of spiritual growth, inspiration and joy. The care was excellent and loving. What impressed me was the way each staff member encouraged and inspired me in his or her individual way–so that I felt God’s Love. I now have more mobility and was completely healed of pain.”

“Wide Horizon is a haven on the hill. I’m so grateful for it being there when we needed it.”

“The Christian Science nurses at Wide Horizon are angels on earth. They were all so loving and patient with me. I felt so loved.”

“The peaceful healing atmosphere of Wide Horizon is so evident that you can feel it. This atmosphere made a real difference in my progress and spiritual growth.”

“I am very grateful for the loving feeling of home [‘the dearest spot on earth’] that I feel about Wide Horizon and appreciate my friends I’ve made here. It would have been hard during the Christmas season and other holidays, missing family and friends, had it not been for the special efforts everyone made to help the guests feel at home.”

“Through spiritual sense you can discern the heart of divinity, and thus begin to comprehend in Science the generic term man.  Man is not absorbed in Deity, and man cannot lose his individuality, for he reflects eternal Life; nor is he an isolated, solitary idea, for he represents infinite Mind, the sum of all substance.” Science and Health, p. 258