Wide Appeal for Sustainability Appeal Letter

We are writing you today in fellowship to share an opportunity to help Christian Science nurses in their spiritually loving way of caring for our brethren.

July 2017

Dear Friend of Wide Horizon,

Mary Baker Eddy’s vision for Christian Science nursing inspires and leads to remarkable healing at Wide Horizon. In recognition of the vital importance of Christian Science nursing to our movement, and specifically Wide Horizon, we are launching a five-year campaign, “Wide Appeal for Sustainability.

This campaign, which is in greater appreciation of Christian Science nurses, is in addition to our annual fund drive which offsets operational costs, including expenditures for benevolence. Our goal is to raise an additional $3.5 million for investments to generate income. Therefore, our objective for this campaign is to provide for the sustainability and continuity of Christian Science nursing at Wide Horizon for future generations.

We are therefore reaching out to you to make the need known about Wide Horizon – to maintain our high standard of Christian Science nursing care and to meet the need of patients, who wholeheartedly rely on God and Christian Science. Fulfilling our mission is essential to our collective work together. We are grateful for generous contributions in the past that helped this work move forward.

Now we hope you will join us in our “Wide Appeal for Sustainability” campaign by sincerely appreciating and financially supporting the selfless and sacred work of Christian Science nurses. Every day we are praying to make a real difference in the lives of our guests and for our community. On behalf of our entire “family” of guests, staff and volunteers, thank you for caring and supporting this healing ministry!


David Shawaker                                              D. Brian Boettiger
Board Chairman                                              Executive Director

P.S. If you prefer to donate online please go to www.widehorizon.org/sustainability/donate

“…the freer step, the fuller breath, the wide horizon’s grander view; the sense of Life that knows no death – the Life that maketh all things new.”

Christian Science Hymnal 218