Board of Directors & Staff

The governance of Wide Horizon is the responsibility of a volunteer seven member board of directors that meets to review the facility’s progress, future plans, finances, benevolence, facility and staffing issues, as well as to oversee the policies and provide ongoing metaphysical support.

Board of Directors

Jennifer Babcock, Vice President – Windsor, CO
Doug Izmirian, DirectorLakewood, CO
Doug Patti, DirectorCary, NC
Bob Reiman, Director – Colorado Springs, CO
Lydia Roberts, Secretary/Treasurer – Highlands Ranch, CO
David Shawaker, President – Fort Collins, CO

Wide Horizon has an average of 38 staff members, several of whom have served at the facility for more than 20 years. The staff currently includes about 20 Christian Science Nurses, including about a dozen who are listed in The Christian Science Journal.

Executive & Managerial Staff

D. Brian Boettiger, Executive Director/CEO
Susan T. Wood, Director of Christian Science Nursing
Carol Hanauer, Co-Assistant Director of Christian Science Nursing
Mary Culbertson, Co-Assistant Director of Christian Science Nursing
Norm Williams, Director of Development & Outreach

John Baca, Co-Facilities Manager
Jan Dillingham, Activities/Volunteer Coordinator
Alisa Greiner, Billing Manager
Lukas Guennel, Co-Facilities Manager
Eleanor Mandonado, Housekeeping Manager
Laurier Nsekukila, Human Resources/Project Manager
Gwendy Haas, Food Service Manager