Many gifts to charitable organizations have substantial tax benefits for the giver. We gratefully accept either restricted gifts (e.g. to our Benevolence Fund, or for specific purposes such as C.S. Nursing Services) or unrestricted gifts which allow us to determine where the funds are needed most. The following outlines some of the ways you can make these donations:

  • Wide Horizon can be remembered in a will by designating a bequest for “Wide Horizon, Inc., a Colorado Nonprofit Corporation.”
  • Appreciated Property, stocks or mutual funds: A donor can make a large gift while receiving a tax deduction, and at the same time avoid capital gains taxes on the transaction. Wide Horizon has a brokerage account to accept these gifts of securities.
  • Annuities offer donors to realize immediate tax benefits while securing a steady income stream for themselves and/or their survivors, as well as providing either current or delayed benefits to Wide Horizon. We can connect you with advisors to assist you in determining if this is a viable alternative for you.
  • Giving life insurance policies or naming Wide Horizon as a policy beneficiary is an alternative after family members no longer need this added security. Such gifts remain outside the estate for tax purposes.
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts coupled with insurance enable givers to perpetuate an existing income stream and make a gift to Wide Horizon, sometimes increasing the amount to be passed along to family members.

Individuals considering such contributions should consult their attorney or tax advisor before making the gift. We will be happy to provide you with a list of attorneys, financial planners, or tax advisors to consult with should you need one. Call us at 303-424-4445, ext. 3040 for information.

“Philanthropy is loving, ameliorative, revolutionary; it wakens lofty desires, new possibilities, achievements, and energies; it lays the axe at the root of the tree that bringeth not forth good fruit; it touches thought to spiritual issues, systematizes action, and insures success; it starts the wheels of right reason, revelation, justice, and mercy; it unselfs men and pushes on the ages. Love unfolds marvellous good and uncovers hidden evil. The philanthropist or reformer gives little thought to self-defence; his life’s incentive and sacrifice need no apology. The good done and the good to do are his ever-present reward. (The First Church of Christ, Scientist and Miscellany, pp. 287 & 288)

“Goodness and philanthropy begin with work and never stop working. All that is worth reckoning is what we do, and the best of everything is not too good, but is economy and riches.” –Mary Baker Eddy