Christian Science Nursing Services

Caring for a patient

Wide Horizon seeks to maintain a calm, quiet, loving, spiritual atmosphere that is conducive to Christian Science healing. In addition to assisting with their daily human needs, our Christian Science Nurses help patients to make regular use of Wide Horizon’s many spiritual resources. These include the Weekly Bible Lesson Sermon (available in audio and large print formats); Christian Science periodicals (a complete library of present and back issues); inspirational tapes and compact discs; reference books; broadcasts of Sunday services and Wednesday testimony meetings from First Church of Christ, Scientist, Denver; and in-house testimony meetings on Thursday.

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It is this spiritual atmosphere that supports those who come to Wide Horizon for freedom and healing.
Wide Horizon offers six basic types of service (click on each for more details):

Please review the detailed explanations of each to learn how we may best assist you or a loved one. Usually a consultation with Wide Horizon’s Director of Christian Science Nursing is required to assess the care needs and the level of care required for each patient.

If a patient requires substantially more time than what is included in a level of care, Wide Horizon reserves the right to charge $60 per hour for additional Christian Science nursing care than noted in the respective level or to move the patient to another level as appropriate.

Wide Horizon seeks to maintain a spiritually active atmosphere. All guests are expected to do as much as they can. Christian Science nursing care assistance is usually performed in a way that promotes independence rather than greater reliance upon others.

Our expectation for every guest is continual progress and Christian Science demonstration. We have also recently created a  “Patio Wing” to better care for those individuals who may be challenged with issues of mental confusion. Normally, no time limits are placed on the length of a guest’s stay as long as he/she is striving  for healing and helping to maintain an atmosphere of harmony.