Christian Science Nurses Training

IMG_5152If you have been praying for a fuller expression of purpose and direction, one that supports the healing mission of Christian Science, you may wish to consider Christian Science nursing as your future career. The expression of Christian Science nursing begins within individual consciousness of the Christ. The student’s growth in spiritual self-knowledge, along with a deep sense of humility and love, strengthens his or her ability to discern the needs of others and to respond with care that is appropriate, wise, and compassionate.

Wide Horizon’s Christian Science Nurses Training Program nurtures these qualities with a course of study rooted in Mary Baker Eddy’s Church Manual by-law, Christian Science Nurse. Our instructors are experienced Journal-listed Christian Science nurses, who have the special talents and skills necessary for the art of instructing Christian Science nurses. The growth and progress of each student is supported through teaching, nurturing, and mentoring to promote each student’s growth as a Christian Science nurse.

Wide Horizon’s Christian Science nursing classes are available to Mother Church members who have had or plan to take class instruction by an authorized teacher of Christian Science and have a “demonstrable knowledge of Christian Science practice” (see Article VIII, Section 31, Manual of The Mother Church).

Currently we offer the following courses occasionally during the year as prospective students and Wide Horizon’s need for Christian Science nurses correspond:

  • Christian Science Nurses’ Aide Training
  • Basic Christian Science Nursing
  • Supervisory Skills for Christian Science Nurses

Contact Susan Wood, Director of Christian Science Nursing, for further details.

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