What Is Christian Science Nursing?

A By-law from the Manual of the Mother Church by Mary Baker Eddy is the foundation of Christian Science nursing. It reads:

Christian Science Nurse. Article 8, Sect. 31. A member of The Mother Church who represents himself or herself as a Christian Science Nurse shall be one who has a demonstrable knowledge of Christian Science practice, who thoroughly understands the practical wisdom necessary in a sick room, and who can take proper care of the sick.

Christian Science Nurses care for the practical daily needs of Christian Scientists who are relying on God and Christian Science treatment for spiritual healing through prayer and the study of Christian Science.

Christian Science Nurses are members of The Mother Church. They are expected to exhibit practical wisdom as well as good nursing judgment while contributing to the individual demonstration of Christian Science. Their professional training equips them to communicate with the Christian Science Practitioner who is metaphysically treating the patient. A Christian Science Nurse assists with the patient’s comfort, rest, cleanliness, safety, mobility and nourishment, while striving to maintain a consciousness of the Truth.

Since Christian Scientists rely solely on a spiritual method for healing rather than on medical treatment, a Christian Science Nurse is never involved in administering medication or assisting with physical therapies or surgical treatment. They are trained in the non-medical cleansing and bandaging of wounds, in caring for individuals who are confined to bed, in preparing food for those who are not able to eat normal types and quantities of food, in caring for those who have sustained an injury from a fall or accident, etc. They care for individuals whose need is very light, as well as for those whose needs would be considered “critical.” For descriptions of the different levels of Christian Science nursing care offered at Wide Horizon, click here.

Wide Horizon is a fully accredited Christian Science nursing facility and is licensed by the State of Colorado as a Nursing Care Facility.

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Christine Irby Williams via High Ridge House about Christian Science Nursing Care