Volunteer Opportunities

IMG_5167“Give of your heart’s rich overflow…” reads a line from one of our loved hymns (Christian Science Hymnal, no. 427). We know that there are many richly overflowing hearts that would like to give of their time and talents, but may not be aware of the ways to do so. We are genuinely grateful for those who are currently volunteering at Wide Horizon, and we have opportunities for many more to serve. Here is a new opportunity to volunteer:


Need a three day break? Need a parent/child project? Bring a friend. Bring your handyman partner. Team up with a family member!

If you’re interested in volunteering at Wide Horizon for several days instead of commuting, whether you live 7 miles or 700 miles from our location, you’re invited to stay in one of our lovely rooms at Horizon House. That would include meals as well as exquisite views of the mountains (four of the five rooms have mountain views) from a beautifully appointed room while you work on one of our volunteer projects such as:

  • Gardening in flower beds and raised gardens
  • Easy exterior painting such as benches and posts
  • Organizing small cluttered areas in various departments  (resulting from our recent remodeling)
  • Raking leaves in the fall
  • Sweeping up from our ample crab apple crop

Since these may be more enjoyable to do in the cool of the morning or the late evening dusk, we invite you to rest and study at times you are not hoeing and raking. Feel free to call the Receptionist at 303-424-4445 for more information and/or to make a reservation. A reservation is necessary to be sure there is a place for you when you are able to volunteer.

Here are some other activities that may be of interest to you and do not require a stay at Horizon House:

  • Reading to individuals or groups (either recreational or metaphysical subjects).
  • Recording Christian Science literature on tape (out-of-state readers are especially welcome). *(We are in need of volunteers to record articles from the Sentinels and Journals. Call Jan Dillingham, ext 3028.)
  • Conducting testimony meetings on Thursday evenings.
  • Accompanying on the piano on Thursday evenings or at other times during hymn sings or sing-a-longs.
  • Sharing your musical talents (includes dancing).
  • Presenting slide or video programs of your travels.
  • Being a companion to our guests (includes chatting with them, playing games, etc.).
  • Providing maintenance/landscaping assistance (can include: mowing with a riding mower, weeding, light carpentry, floor waxing, and painting).
  • Participating/assisting in special events (sometimes includes activities on Christmas Day or other holidays).
  • Driving on “outings” ($100,000 personal insurance coverage required if using own vehicle).

Whether you’re available for one hour once a month, or once a week, your contribution is important to us. We try to work around your schedule, but every “mite” helps. Our needs do vary from time to time, depending on the needs of our individual guests.

If you would like to find out how your interests might fit in with Wide Horizon’s needs, please telephone or e-mail our Volunteer/Activities Coordinator, Jan Dillingham at 303-424-4445 ext. 3028 or at info@widehorizon.org.